Module Views

Last updated by Tamas Nagy on November 25, 2015 21:54

A Module View is another name for the interface of a module, which CoGe generates automatically when it is added. The Module View contains all adjustable controls, organized vertically into rows and labelled with descriptive names, that allow either manual or automated control of module parameters. Some control types do not render directly in the Module View (e.g. Matrices and Color Wells) - instead the name of the parameter is displayed.

Common to all Module Views is a "header row" which contains standard controls:

  1. Re-ordering Buttons - left < and right > arrows that allow you to move a Module left and right in the container. This is important to EffectChains and the Mixer, because these act as "chains" and the order of active modules can have a profound effect on the result generated. See more in the Master Mixer and EffectChain sections.
  2. Module Enable/Disable Button - this button contains the name of the module, and allows you to enable or disable the module.
  3. Del Button - clicking the "Del" button removes the Module from the container.